Year 5 Maths Problem: Dad Baffled By Exam Question Aimed At 10-Year-Olds

  • Amy PackhamLifestyle Writer (Parents) at The Huffington Post UK
    08/06/2016 10:46

A dad has called his 10-year-old son’s maths homework question “impossible”, and others seem to agree.

The 43-year-old was helping his son, a Year 5 pupil at a primary school in Glossop, Derbyshire, with a two-page maths paper for homework.

But when they reached section six, the dad (who has an A level in maths and economics) said he had to appeal to others for help.

“I then spent an hour or so trying to work it out but found it impossible,” he told Manchester Evening News.

“I even sent it to a friend who got a 1st class degree in economics and they were baffled by it as well.”


The question asks kids to calculate the “perimeter of the composite rectilinear shapes”.

One shape has two measurements on the sides and the other shape has three measurements.

“It just does not make sense,” the dad added.

He said he’s sent the question to a couple of other friends who are maths teachers – but with no luck.

Can you work it out?

This isn’t the first time parents have been stumped by a maths question for kids.

In May 2016, mum Louise Bloxham tweeted a photo of a task that involved working out how many people were on a train.

The question states: “There were some people on a train. 19 people get off the train at the first stop. 17 people get on the train.

“Now there are 63 people on the train. How many people were on the train to begin with?”

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@MichaelRosenYes Have you seen this one? Year 2!!

Parents on both Twitter and Facebook were outraged that the question was set for six and seven-year-olds.

Some parents argued that they could only just work it out themselves, let alone their children.

The news of the challenging question came after parents claimed children were coming out of their exams “in tears” because the SATs test was “so hard” on Monday 9 May.

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