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GradeBusters Mathematics

Is your child struggling with mathematics?  Do you find it difficult to help at home? Have you ever tried to find a tutor to help, but were left none the wiser as only old tricks were used to “help”?  Do you feel your child’s pain in not getting “it”? How can you help?

We believe we have the answer for you! …  GradeBusters Saturday morning courses…

At GradeBusters, from the very start, we teach only using the ten principles that underpin mathematics.  Our proven learning system enables a deep understanding of these principles and regular structured practice and blending of the ten principles ensures your child will get the KickStart they need to become the brilliant mathematician they were born to be!  As your child’s confidence grows, as they realise they can do the mathematics, any limits that have been imposed on them (and maybe yourself) will start to evaporate and they will start to reach their true potential.

We have put together a FREE introductory set of 3 videos to show you the power of our learning system.  The principles of division, equals and denomination  are introduced and used consistently to show you; firstly what division means and how to divide, secondly using this newly taught method you are shown how to divide fractions, thirdly using exactly the same method you are shown how to do algebraic division… From Year 2 to Year 11 in three straightforward videos!  No new tricks or methods needed for any division when traditionally a new method or trick is used as you progress from straightforward division to division with fractions or decimals, to division with remainders, to long division, to algebraic division, to division with surds and to the factor theorem at A level!!  What you see in these 3 FREE Videos is all you’ll ever need for any division problem, no mater your age or year group.  That’s what any of our GradeBusters courses can do for you and your child… but don’t just take our word for it…

Click on the link below to access the 3 FREE Videos on division and see for yourself just how powerful our principled approach is.