Frequently Asked Questions

What is GradeBusters?

GradeBusters is a Study & Tutorial Centre which provides specialist teaching in English, maths and Problem Solving.

GradeBusters has created their own teaching methodology and uses their own unique resources.

The centre has an open door policy which invites parents to watch the sessions in action and observe the teaching if they so wish. After the initial teaching parents are welcome to join our lead teacher to discuss why and how our methods are so successful. This is also an opportunity for parents to raise any questions of their choice whether this be about GradeBusters, the lesson they have just observed or their child’s educational development.

What age range does GradeBusters cater for?

GradeBusters provides courses at the Study & Tutorial Centre from age 5 to adults.

What type of students is GradeBusters for?

GradeBusters is for any student whether they are performing below average, average or above average. GradeBusters is not just about supporting students with learning difficulties or with special needs, it caters for high achievers and for the gifted and talented. Due to our unique structure, students can be placed on any appropriate course irrespective of their age.

What courses does GradeBusters currently provide?

GradeBusters provides courses in Maths:

GradeBusters Progress Maths Age 5 to 11 (Year 1 to Year6)
GradeBusters Plus Maths Age 7 to 13 (Year 3 to Year 8)
GradeBusters Elite Maths Age 9 to 15 (Year 4 to Year 9)
GradeBusters Excel Maths Age 11 to 16 (Year 6 to Year 11: GCSE)
GradeBusters Advance Maths Age 16 to 18 (Year 12 & Year 13: A Level)
GradeBusters Problem Solving Age 5 to 11 (Year 1 to Year6)
GradeBusters Plus Problem Solving Age 7 to 13 (Year 3 to Year 8)
GradeBusters Exam Prep Maths Appropriate ages for: Secondary School Entrance Exam, Public School Entrance Exams, Functional, GCSE and A-Level Examinations, Initial Teacher Training.

GradeBusters provides courses in English:

GradeBusters Progress English Age 5 to 11 (Year 1 to Year6)
GradeBusters Plus English Age 7 to 13 (Year 3 to Year 8)
GradeBusters Elite English Age 9 to 15 (Year 4 to Year 9)
GradeBusters Excel English Age 11 to 16 (Year 6 to Year 11: GCSE)
GradeBusters Exam Prep English Appropriate ages for: Secondary School Entrance Exam, Public School Entrance Exams, Functional and GCSE Examinations, Initial Teacher Training

What happens if I have booked my son or daughter on the incorrect course?

GradeBusters places students on the appropriate course according to their understanding and ability rather than their age. Unlike traditional schools we are not bound by the same restrictions and therefore the pupil joins the appropriate course which will challenge and stimulate no matter what their age or ability. If you are unable to ascertain the most appropriate course please contact us via email or telephone where we will be able to guide you which course to commence. It is always better to start on one of our introductory courses as your son or daughter can always be easily moved up and at the same time the student receives a boost in confidence as they realise their brilliance due to being moved on. Our teachers are highly skilled to monitor, assess and identify which course is the most appropriate and when required they are moved to the next course.

How do I know when my son or daughter is ready to move up to the next course?

Once the student is completing all the items in a maths lesson regularly for a period of time, then it is apparent that the student is ready to move up. For example: A student may attend the GradeBusters Progress Maths Course for any length of time between 1 to 4 years as the course covers key principles from Year 1 to Year 6 and sometimes beyond, but only when your son or daughter is completing the booklets or the set of items required in a straightforward manner do they move on.

How long should I expect my son or daughter to continue on the same course?

Each student is unique and the length of time on a course varies from student to student. The average length of time on a course is two years.

Do the students need to attend every week?

To gain optimum results from our courses we advise that you attend regularly as each study session is built upon the previous session allowing for continuous progress and reinforcement. However if the team are given 72 hours notice we can transfer that payment for any sessions missed onto a future session.

If my son or daughter can only attend for 1 hour, can I alternate each week between Maths and English Courses?

Yes you can, but we highly recommend that you either do six or twelve weeks on Maths followed by six or twelve weeks on English as each session builds upon the previous and continuity is also key to ongoing success.

Why do I need to let the GradeBusters team know in advance, which session my son or daughter will be attending?

GradeBusters promises to have a maximum of 8 students to 1 teacher. So, if we have 9 students there will be 2 teachers. Therefore we need to know the number of students attending to ensure we maintain our staff/student ratio.

When will I receive feedback from my son or daughters progress?

As we operate an open door policy, parents can watch their son or daughter in action. Parents are then able to speak to the tutor after every session to gain an understanding of the progress made and work covered during each session.

Do I need to provide GradeBusters with school reports and results about my child?

No, you do not need to show us school reports unless you feel this information is necessary for our staff to have a deeper understanding of their cognitive ability. Any information about your child or family which you disclose to our team is always treated with the highest level of confidentiality and would never be passed onto anyone else.

Do I need to enrol my son or daughter at the beginning of a course or can they start at any time?

You can enrol and start a course at any time as long as there are places available.


Does the student need to bring anything with them to the sessions?

The student is not required to bring anything with them as writing materials and resources are all provided. However, if your son or daughter is staying for more than one session we recommend they bring a snack and drink with them for the 15 minute break time between sessions. At GradeBusters there is a break out area for your child to have their break. There is also complimentary tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cold water available.

Do I have to stay with my child during the tutoring sessions?

Parents are invited to stay if they wish, but it is not necessary. As long as personal contact details have been left with the GradeBusters Team you can drop and collect without staying if you wish.

How do I know my child will be safe at GradeBusters?

All the staff working at GradeBusters have been checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service. The heart of GradeBusters philosophy is to enrich and raise students’ self-esteem the minute they enter onto our premises. As this is at the fore front of our mission, we take great pride in attending to pupils’ individual needs whether it be assisting them with drinks of water if they are thirsty or meeting their academic potential. If required, our ‘front of house’ staff will contact you immediately via telephone if they have any concerns about your child.

Will the GradeBusters teaching methods cause confusion for my son or daughter with their school work?

Over 20 years of experiential knowledge and careful attention to detail GradeBusters have created a unique methodology that will support, compliment and provide even greater success and understanding to any Maths or English scheme or approach being used within schools across the world. Our ethos is about those students who think they can’t do Maths or English, realising that they can and for those that know they can do Maths and English, realising why.

How do I make a booking?

There are several ways to make a booking:

  1. Register onto the GradeBusters’ website at   Next, log in to make a booking via the ‘Make a booking’ tab.
  2. Make a booking via an email detailing the chosen course to
  3. Make a booking over the telephone on
    1. 07797 774 011 (Mary) or
    2. 07797 719 887 (Heidi) or
    3. 01534 519 566

How do I pay for the courses?

All payments need to be made in advance of the session. There are several ways a payment can be made:

  1. Pay via the internet using PayPal.
  2. Cheque made payable to GradeBusters via post to Mayberry, 17 La Belle Vallette, La Ruette des Ecorvees, St Saviour, JE2 7BP
  3. Cash at the front desk of the GradeBusters venue.
  4. Card payment at the front desk of the GradeBusters venue.
  5. Online Banking

Bank details for GradeBusters are;

A/C Name: Kevin McGinty T/AS Grade Busters

A/C Number: 20912174

Sort Code: 20 45 05

IBAN: GB67 BARC 2045 0520 9121 74


What is ‘Bring A Friend’ day?

‘Bring A Friend Day’ is an opportunity for current students to bring a friend who may wish to find out what GradeBusters is all about and would like to sample a session free of charge. ‘Bring A Friend Day’ tends to happen three times in a year and special offers, bonuses and perks are often given to the current student who has brought a new friend who has enrolled on a future course.

What is ‘Sampler’ day?

‘Sampler Days’ are an opportunity for current students who may wish to find out what GradeBusters’ other courses are all about and would like to sample a session free of charge. ‘Sampler Days’ tend to happen three times in a year.