Hi guys, I would be interested in your thoughts on this:
Home Educators – Ambassadors or outliers?

Even though home schooling has been increasing since 2000, home educated students are still in the minority. Even so, it can’t be easy keeping up a lifestyle, when so many people around you are following the system and leading a different lifestyle.
As a home educator you could be perceived as a person detached from the system. But who is really the detached one? The one who is following the pressured and conditioned route which has been paved by society. Or the one who has chosen to ‘think outside the box’ and take a different route.Have you ever considered the home schooling route? I wonder how many parents consider this option, even for a fleeting moment.

It crossed my mind – to home school! But instead of home schooling, I came up with an alternative decision. If I wasn’t able to have a significant impact on my children’s education in school, I was going to find a way that I could. So, began the creation of the GradeBusters Study & Tutorial Centre. A place where I could teach my own children. I wasn’t prepared to let anything go to chance. May be you could accuse me of being a controlling parent or just driven to ensure the best opportunities for my children. Either would be plausible, but that’s what I did. My children have attended GradeBusters since they were five years old and it is part of our family lifestyle, as my husband and I both teach in the centre. Here we have the privilege of meeting and teaching the most incredible children, the future leaders of the world.

So back to my original question: Home Educators – Ambassadors or outliers?

They know what they want for themselves and their family. For me they are the ambassadors, leading the way to new and diverse ways to inspire their children.

Have you ever considered home schooling?
Are you a home educator?

I would love to hear your comments.

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